AMS East Africa Ltd’s core services revolve around climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate Change Mitigation

At AMS East Africa Ltd, we offer services that aim to reduce or prevent the impact of climate change. Our focus is on developing and implementing solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and support sustainable practices.



1. Smart metres and Energy monitoring dashboards

AMS East Africa Ltd’s smart metres are advanced devices that enable real-time monitoring and accurate measurement of energy consumption, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their energy usage. Smart metres also streamline billing processes and support energy efficiency programs.

2. LPG metres 

AMS East Africa Ltd's LPG metres provide precise measurement, efficient management, and enhanced safety in the usage of LPG. These metres enable users to optimise their LPG consumption, ensure fair billing, and promote a secure environment.

3. Flow  meters

AMS East Africa Ltd's flow meters provide precise measurements, enhance efficiency in fluid management, and support informed decision-making in various industries and applications. These meters contribute to improved resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable practices.

Climate Change Adaptation

At AMS East Africa Ltd, we offer services focused on climate change adaptation. We provide solutions and support to help communities and organisations adjust to the impacts of climate change and increase their resilience. This involves assessing risks, implementing measures to reduce vulnerabilities, and enhancing preparedness for climate-related challenges.


1. Disease outbreaks 

2. Lightning early warning systems

AMS East Africa Ltd’s Lightning Early Warning Systems (LEWS) provide reliable and comprehensive detection of thunderstorms and lightning activity. With easy installation and operation, the LEWS features automatic alarm triggering and advanced early warning capabilities.

The system ensures reliable operation through automatic self-testing and covers a wide detection range of 35km (22 miles). By offering timely warnings and enabling proactive safety measures, the LEWS helps protect lives and revenues by minimizing disruptions caused by lightning risks.

3. Flood early warning systems 

FEWS system is designed to provide timely and accurate alerts and notifications related to potential flooding events. By utilising advanced monitoring technologies, data analysis, and predictive modelling, AMS East Africa Ltd’s flood early warning system helps communities and authorities take proactive measures to mitigate the impacts of floods.

The system enables timely evacuation, mobilisation of resources, and implementation of necessary flood management strategies. Through this service, AMS East Africa Ltd contributes to enhancing community safety, reducing damages caused by flooding, and improving overall disaster preparedness in flood-prone areas.

 4. Drought Early Warning Systems     

AMS East Africa Ltd Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) is a vital tool for improving community preparedness and reducing the risks associated with droughts. By utilizing a local database and processing models, DEWS enables early detection of drought conditions and timely issuance of warning messages. This proactive approach allows for both mitigation and emergency responses, triggering actions outlined in drought plans. 

DEWS also serves as a valuable source of information for decision-making, providing essential data to support effective drought management strategies. With its focus on agriculture and water resource management, DEWS plays a crucial role in enhancing community resilience and minimizing the impact of droughts on crops and food security.